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LATINO VINTAGE Donna Leonn y sus Pachucos

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Ajoutée 2 weeks ago
Imagined and perform ed by the singer Donna LEONN, the new LATINO VINTAGE SHOW visually and musically renders the tropical atmosphere of the Latin American 40s to 50s mainly through covers of the most popular songs of those days, from Besame Mucho and Quizas Quizas to Piensa en Mi and Pepito mi Corazon .
Donna Leonn performs on stage with terrific musicians and dancers, offering a high musical quality show full of visual effects that create vivid and fascinating colorful theatrical pictures, designed to carry you right into the "nightclubs" o h-so trendy back then.
Donna LEONN's oh-so specific timbre of voice and unique sensibility mixed with the rich flavors of bolero, cha-cha or mambo will definitely thrill you in this exciting new LATINO VINTAGE SHOW!
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